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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

DImondbacks 12, Mets 8
W: Daigle (2-1)
L: Baldwin (0-1)

Both Baldwin and Wheeler pitched very bad. They could blame the ballpark and say that the ball was carrying, which is true, but they weren't making their pitches. Hanging sliders, no movement fastballs. Baldwin gave up 2 home runs and Wheeler gave up 3. The home runs cost the Mets the game as they outhit the Dimondbacks 17-14 and scored 8 runs. I don't understand why Bladwin is up here. I really don't. He is a old, doesn't have good stuff, and the Mets could be giving his spot to someone young. Don't they want to build for the future. In other news, the Mets will be facing some great pitchers this week, so get ready for a lot of 1 run games, knowing the Mets. They will be facing Randy Johnson, and this weekend's seires against the Astros, they will be facing Oswalt, Pettite, and the one who must not be named. (Roger Clemens.)

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